Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sadness in Comic Land

My all-time favorite comic book artist, Jean Giraud, aka "Moebius," has passed away. It's been a tough couple of years: My favorite singer from my childhood, Ronnie James Dio, passed away two years ago, and now I hear that my favorite guitarist, Tony Iommi, has lymphoma. Man, watching your teenage idols go down like that . . . well, it makes a guy feel a little sad. I'm not big on celebrity worship. In fact, I am baffled at how some people know every little thing about actors and celebrities. The whole paparazzi thing makes me ill. So I guess when I mourn a celebrity's passing, it's a big deal to me. Mostly because there's a chunk of my childhood I won't get back. I'll never see Dio in concert again, never anticipate a new release from Moebius, and, from the looks of it, probably not get to see Tony Iommi play live again (unless his situation drastically improves). Sorry to get all glum, but sometimes a guy's gotta vent. Dying sucks.

(addendum): And now MAR Barker, genius writer who invented the Tekumel universe, has also passed on. The world is bleeding creativity!

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