Friday, September 21, 2012


No, not that movie (though I am rather fond of it, truth be told) . . .

Cloaks of Vermin and Fish, volume 1 in the Misadventures of Italo and Vincenzo, is back up on Smashwords! I am currently waiting for the robots on Amazon to do their mechanical editing, after which I will post a link to the book's Amazon page. UPDATE: The Amazon gods have condescended and Italo and Vincenzo are now appearing there.

As mentioned earlier, I took Cloaks down for a time, and it's time for it to go back up. I'm very excited, since Cloaks seems to have been rather popular with my readers. At least that's what the stat bots tell me. So, go see what all the fuss is about! I hope this doesn't come across as narcissistic, but I love these bungling thieves and I am hard pressed to think of a more enjoyable time writing than when I followed their escapades. Tell me what you think, honestly. I appreciate honest reviews!

Most of all - ENJOY!

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