Thursday, January 1, 2015

Forrest Aguirre's Writing Goals, 2015 Edition

It was a good year that saw the publication of Heraclix and Pomp and a couple of short stories. I was also able to finish my draft version of my space opera novel, Solistalgia, which is in Agent Kris's hands at the moment. I was able to attend Wiscon, the Heartland Fall Forum, and the World Fantasy Convention, as well as participate in a couple of readings/events to publicize H&P. All-in-all, a successful, productive year.

So what's ahead for this year? Heraclix and Pomp will come out in trade paperback sometime this Spring or Summer. I will, as always, be in attendance at Wiscon, as well. I'm certain that there will be more readings and events associated with H&P once we are out of our Wisconsin deep-freeze and the release of the paperback is closer. Unless H&P is considered for a World Fantasy Award (I would like another statue like the one in the corner of my writing area so I can use them as bookends) I am unlikely to attend WFC. But on that same weekend is the RPG convention that is becoming a rather big deal in the Midwest, Gameholecon, which is held about a half hour walk from my house. Being an old-school gamer, I'd be crazy not to attend.

As far as writing and promotion and such, my goals are pretty simple:

  1. Successfully launch the TPB version of H&P.
  2. Finish my current WIP novel, tentatively entitled The Simulacra. Incidentally, I am enjoying the heck out of writing this.
  3. Finish my top secret RPG supplement and find a market for it or publish it myself. This has been a fun pet project of mine. Time to finish it and find it a home.
  4. Have a few short stories published (there are two on the docket to be published this Spring already, so that's mostly done).
  5. Nudge, annoy, or stab Agent Kris enough that he sells either Panoptica or Solistalgia or both.
  6. Continue to blog, tweet, etc, and share "stuff" with the online community.
Now, if Agent Kris sells one or the other of the novels that are in the wings, all bets are off. That whole editing thing is a lot like real work. It sucks the very lifeblood from my soul. Hopefully, I'll be able to at least see to H&P's trade paperback inauguration before everything goes crazy all at once. I've been thinking, too - it's been a few years since I've sold a short story collection . . . 

So here's hoping to a productive new year. The fun has just begun. :)

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