Saturday, August 22, 2015

Attention Self-Described "Indie" Types - Prove It!

Call yourself an "Indie"?

Prove it, sucker.

Go buy a PDF copy of Daniel Sell's excellent zine, The Undercroft. Issue #6 is "pay what you want" right now at RPG Now.

Not a role-playing gamer? No worries. The article that I created for this issue, "Ludolf's Folly," is somewhere between speculative fiction and an RPG supplement. Something for everyone to love. And there are several other excellent selections there for you to love, as well, whether you're a tabletop gamer, a wannabe tabletop gamer, a lapsed tabletop gamer, a recovering tabletop gamer, or just a reader. And if you can read this, you're a reader.

So get up off your "Indie" butt and go support a true Indie publication. Pay what you want. Be generous, if you can. Prove that you're really as "Indie" as you claim. Thanks!

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