Monday, January 18, 2016

Beyond the Silver Scream

I am happy to announce my forthcoming DCC-Compatible adventure, Beyond the Silver Scream.

You and dozens of your closest friends put down the bong and fill your jeans and leather-pants pockets with quarters. But tonight, you're not heading for the arcade. You're headed for the old downtown theater (the one that shows naughty movies at midnight) to see the newest horror flick: 'Screaming Sorority Girls from Planet Playtex' . . . but you've bought in to more than you bargained for tonight, and soon find yourself in the mysterious shadow realm . . . Beyond the Silver Scream!

This DCC-Compatible adventure is a 0-level funnel pitting you and your high school buddies against cloaked cultists and mutant abominations as you pull up your courage to rescue your favorite crush from the clutches of sinister powers you thought only existed in bad '70s horror movies. See: dark rituals played out before your eyes; hear: fuzz-toned 8-tracks of your favorite metal bands; feel: the excitement of adventure; smell: the charnel-house odors of blood-soaked mudpits; taste: . . . um. Nevermind. You probably don't want to share in any meals on this adventure. Better hope you don't get the munchies!

Artists include: Nicolo Maioli James V West, David Lewis Johnson, Matt Hildebrand, and newcomer Thomas Gile.

31 pp. And fully compatible with the DCC Role Playing Game.

Anticipated release: Garycon (or earlier, if I can swing it)!


  1. Hi. It is sold out at Goodman Games. Where can i buy a copy now?


  2. Hi. It is sold out at Goodman Games. Where can i buy a copy now?