Wednesday, October 23, 2019

"Gemini" in XVIII

I am proud to announce the inclusion of my story "Gemini" in the upcoming anthology XVIII, a part of the sure-to-be-outstanding Underland Tarot series, based on the Major Arcana, published by Underland Press. The TOC list follows:

  • Forrest Aguirre - "Gemini"
  • Darin Bradley - "Sweet Water"
  • Scott Edelman - "A World Without You in It"
  • Christopher East - "Introduction to Immersive Memory-Crafting"
  • Nicole Feldringer - "Diamondskin"
  • Benjamin Gamblin - "A Reckoning"
  • Ingrid Garcia - "The Taste of Things to Come"
  • A. P. Howell - "Like Gold Upon Her Tongue"
  • Emma Johnson-Rivard - "The Spread"
  • Elizabeth Eve King - "Summer's End"
  • Jessie Kwak - "Once More with Soul"
  • Shannon Lawrence - "Following the Rules"
  • Gerri Leen - "She"
  • Mark Mills - "Snake Eyes"
  • Jonathan Mosman - "Old Gar"
  • Christi Nogle - "Unschooled"
  • Tammie Painter - "A Case of Mamma's Love"
  • Josh Rountree - "Rewind"
  • Erica Sage - "The Collective"
  • Lorraine Schein - "SP World"
  • Richard Thomas - "How Not to Come Undone"
  • Wendy Wagner - "When Only Bears Carry Arms, Only Weapons Will Be Born"
  • John Waterfall - "What Remains of the Great Alchemist"
  • Todd Zack - "It's Good to Be Here in Alaska"

Especially grateful to be TOC mates with Darin Bradley and Josh Rountree, both of whom have inhabited a nearby segment of the literary astral plane as myself. If you haven't checked out their writing before, repent and go forth and read! Congratulations to everyone!

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