Thursday, August 6, 2020

Choose Your Own Adventure/Endless Quest Bundle

I've got some old, fairly beat-up copies of the following. I'd like to get rid of them all at once. First person who offers $20 (Postage paid in Continental USA only) gets them. I'm surprised how much some of these are fetching out there, but these are in crap condition, so 20 bucks gets them all. Pay via paypal. 

Included are the following:

D&D Endless Quest Mountain of Mirrors

Choose Your Own Adventure 1, The Cave of Time

CYOA 86 Knights of the Round Table

CYOA 87 Exiled to Earth

CYOA 110 Invaders from Within

CYOA 128 Viking Raiders

I will not split these - it's an all or nothing sale. I will send USPS media mail. 

Here are the pictures:

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