Monday, March 14, 2016

Beyond the Silver Scream, Dead Trees Edition

Thank you to all those who have purchased a copy of Beyond the Silver Scream thus far, whether as a PDF or as a hard-copy. It has been truly humbling to see your response and to meet so many of you at Garycon. Demand was beyond my expectations, and I quickly ran out of print copies at the convention. 

Now the good news . . . 

Beyond the Silver Scream is again available in print! So if you'd like a few trees to die alongside your 0-level characters, read on!

Welcome to Beyond the Silver Scream, a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG-compatible 0-level "funnel"! Players begin as high school kids in the mid-'70s - early-'80s who go to the local seedy theater to catch the premiere of the new horror flick "Screaming Sorority Girls from Planet Playtex". But the horror isn't confined to the screen! And the special-effects are all-too-real. So take a seat and brace yourself for an adventure where the director isn't the only one doing the cutting!

Includes the full adventure and "The Dimensional Dogs" patron, a fully-fleshed patron for use with DCC RPG. 

Awesome art provided by Thomas Gile, Matt Hildebrand, David Lewis Johnson, Nicolo Maioli, and James V. West!
Praise for Beyond the Silver Scream!

"WARNING: Contents may daze and/or confuse. Unexpected, thrilling, blockbuster fun. Two thumbs up!" - Brendan LaSalle, author of "Hole in the Sky"

"This is the work of the Devil and his minions and should be burned immediately. Jack Chick would be appalled." - The Ghost of Patricia Pulling

“This made me feel the ‘VHS shlockfest’ love so much, I felt the need to adjust the tracking.” - Adam Muszkiewicz, "Drink, Spin, Run" Podcast

“Beyond the Silver Scream” takes teens of classic roleplaying games’ golden age — the 1970s/1980s — into the epic danger of gritty Dungeon Crawl Classics, while providing a unique springboard to your next fantasy campaign. If you want a blast of nostalgia coupled with weird intrigue and action, then buy this module and be prepared for a blast from the past… and beyond!” - Julian Bernick, co-founder, Minneapolis DCC RPG Society


Saddle-stitched hard copies are available for $5 + $3 shipping and handling (in the US via Media Mail). To order your copy, email Forrest Aguirre at to arrange payment. If you are ordering from outside the US or are ordering multiple copies (Christmas is only 9 months away!), please contact me at the same email address so that I can determine freight costs and arrange payment.

Please let me know if you would like your copy signed or unsigned.

Those who order the physical copy will also receive a coupon for a free copy of the "normal PDF via RPGNOW.

The PDFs, both the "normal" edition and the "Metal" edition, are available at both RPGNOW and TableTop Library: