Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beyond the Silver Scream PDF available now!

Greetings, fellow tabletoppers! My DCCRPG Compatible adventure, _Beyond the Silver Scream_, is available in two PDF editions at: RPGNOW

Note that this adventure comes in two editions, the "normal" edition, and "The METAL Edition"! Content is the same for both, but The METAL Edition is in glorious white on black with red illustrations. The normal edition costs $3, while The METAL Edition costs $4. And for every metal edition sold, I will donate $1 to printing and production costs for _The Gongfarmer's Almanac_. Gotta keep that thing free because it's so full of awesome!

I am working on getting materials for printing up more physical copies in the near future. The adventure sold much more quickly than I anticipated at Garycon, so I needed to order more cover cardstock. If the stars are right, I will have some physical copies ready in a week or two. I will be sure to announce details on how to get your physical copy at that time. Yeah, I'm a little overcautious about potential mishaps (remember that last Kickstarter where you didn't get the stuff you paid for? Sure as heck is not happening on my watch!). Please also note that I will not be doing a physical copy of The Metal Edition at this point.

ADDENDUM: If you want to protest what some consider to be the Electronic RPG File Monopoly, you can alternatively purchase your copy at Tabletop Library: The New RPG Download Store. Both the normal edition and The METAL Edition are available there. In fact, I pick up a few extra nickels if you buy it there, than if you bought it at the other place. Your call. I'm easy.

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