Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Book of Apex 3

My story "Langknech and Tzi-Tzi in the Land of the Mad" was published a little ways back in Apex magazine, for which I am grateful and pleased. Now you can read it, along with a bevy of other great fiction from such authors as Shira Lipkin, Darin Bradley, Cat Rambo, Nick Mamatas, and Theodora Goss, among others, all edited by the indomitable Catherynne M. Valente.

Not only that, I'm giving you a discount . . .

 Go here to buy the ebook. Enter the code "eBOA3AGUIRRE" for 10% off at checkout.

Or, if photons are not enough and you need the book-artifact (I understand that need!), you can preorder a physical copy of the book right here. Enter the code "BOA3AGUIRRE" for 10% off at checkout. Use the money you saved to buy a nice bar of chocolate to enjoy with your read and . . . well, enjoy!

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