Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Idea for a Geeky Documentary

I live in the Legion of Gold Headquarters.

If you know what I'm talking about, you are a complete and utter geek.

If you don't, bear with me.

Years ago, when I was but a lad in Nebraska, my geekitude dictated that I play the original Gamma World game from TSR, those geniuses who created Dungeons & Dragons, among other cool things. The first Gamma World module, Legion of Gold GW1, takes place in a post-apocalyptic southern Wisconsin.

Now, each month, I have the pleasure of traveling through the lands that the module slates for future destruction/radiation poisoning/conquest by mutants and robots. I have to admit a perverse pleasure in driving through Jen City (Lake Geneva), The Barony of Horn (Elkhorn), Whitter (Whitewater), Fort Attson (Fort Atkinson), Deerld (Deerfield), then arriving home at the Legion of Gold HQ on the shores of Mendo Marsh (Lake Mendota).

Now, I can't fund a documentary, nor do I have the time or skill to do one. But for some enterprising neeeerd, here's the idea: Go to each encounter area and interview the locals, LARP through the countryside, and generally terrify the natives. Can you imagine someone dressed as a Yexil going about the streets of Deerfield trying to trade "two silver eggs - very nice to look at" for someone's clothes? You betcha. How about dressing up as badgers and worshiping a statue of Bucky out in a farmers field (then recording the ensuing arrest by the DNR or shotgun shooting frenzy by an angry farmer)? I can imagine this. I am a geek.

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  1. That would, indeed, be freaky and more than a little obscure. I was interested to read that 4th Ed. D&D Gamma World included a Gamma World adventure "Legion of Gold". But it's set on the freakin' Moon!