Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Back to the Back

The esoteric denim project continues. I spent about an hour and forty-five minutes stitching the bottom part of the big back patch onto the jacket.

That long? Oh, heck yeah. I'm not a fast tailor by any means. My wife could have whipped this through in twenty minutes. But it's not her jacket! My time = my sacrifice = my work = my satisfaction. Besides, I'm trying to learn how to get a line of stitches going without getting loose loops caught up in my "current" thread. Or, I'm trying, at least, to catch things earlier. It's a pain when, ten stitches down the line, you realize that you've caught a loop in the slack well behind your stitch. I'm not about to rip them all up at that point because . . . did I mention how much inanimate objects and I hate each other? Why, yes, I did!

So, I just cut my losses. Literally. Here's the "spare" that I cut tonight:

That's probably a good three feet of thread there, for perspective. It's my contribution to destroying the planet. You're welcome.

I'm not too worried about the aesthetics of my stitching, though. All the beautiful stuff has been done already: I just need to affix it in a halfway competent manner. Halfway. Okay, maybe a third of the way. But who's really going to be critiquing my stitching when their eyes are distracted by this?

And, more especially so, when they look at the details, like this:

Aren't those guys the best?!?!? Incidentally, as I am told, the Latin reads:

The Demon World
Astrophilus sees, Xenologia knows
These two philosophers have come together from lands unknown to discuss matters of the aether and of those creatures which come not from heaven or hell but crawl forth from the lawless darkness

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