Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Two Stitches Forward, One Stitch Back

. . . on the back patch, that is. Took about two hours, but didn't make a ton of progress. No matter what I do, I inevitably have excess loops that I need to either cut or tie off or some combination of the two. Did I mention that impatience is one of my virtues? Well, here's where I left off tonight:

Note that the quality of light is different than in previous photos. That's not because of my camera. It's because my wife told me about a super-bright light she uses when sewing. Holy cow, does that make a difference! I was able to thread the needle on the first try twice in a row! And I could actually see what I was doing without having to do a contortionist act!

On the other hand, as I said, I continue to waste a lot of thread unnecessarily, like so:

So, I may not have skill, finesse, or patience, but I make up for it all in sheer spite and willpower. Such is the power of the esoteric denim: built by sheer doggedness!

If I have time tomorrow night, I shall probably work on the left side, from the bottom up, and see if I can make it as far up that side as I did up the right side tonight. Saturday, I'm out of town all day, so I won't have any time to sew. Maybe a touch on Sunday, we'll see. And Friday night is date night, so that's a no-go, too. Has to be tomorrow night or wait until next Monday. I sometimes think of the time I've put into this and how long it would take me to do the same if I were not doing a social media "fast". Ugh. I'd be sewing until the Fourth of July before I made good headway.

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