Saturday, May 7, 2022

Oculus Praedecessoris Out Now!

Edit: I have sold out of all my personal copies of Oculus (save one, and I'm keeping that one). Thanks to those who jumped in so quickly! I do have a few other titles of mine for sale, but they are going fast!


My newest fiction collection is out! Oculus Praededecessoris features stories three stories and one novella of weird "ancestral" origin (define that as you will - one of them has hauntological elements, if that gives any indicator) in a beautiful artifact as only Mount Abraxas Press can deliver. Stories included are:


'Liminal Slip"

"Obverse Reverse"

"The Simulacra"

It's a cloth-bound hardcover, with silk ribbon, and several pieces of art by legendary dark surreal artist Roj Friborg. It is a part of the new Mount Abraxas series "Seance in the Grey Garden," of which I am absolutely thrilled to be a part! Only 103 copies are printed, of which I have a few. If you're interested in buying one (or if you're interested in buying some of my other Mount Abraxas releases, including my collection The Varvaros Ascensions), please contact me directly at F_o_r_r_e_s_t_J_A_g_u_i_r_r_e_@_G_m_a_i_l_._c_o_m (remove the underscores) and I will get you pricing information. They are not cheap! But you'll get your moneys' worth, guaranteed. These books are collector's items that appreciate in value rather quickly and you won't see them re-released in a later edition from Mount Abraxas. 

I am using all money raised this way toward buying myself a (rather expensive) typewriter. I've only got a few copies, so first come, first-served! Here are some photos showing the book, cover, and artwork:


End Papers

Pre-title page

Title Page

Internal Page 


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