Thursday, November 5, 2020


 A few weeks back, I announced on Twitter that I needed to take another break. I entirely forgot to post something here. No wonder, with how busy life has been! Hence, part of the need for a social media fast. Really, I'm burned out on the electioneering. I have unsubscribed from all the mailing lists I was on. I had decided, weeks ago, that no matter what, I needed a break. After reading about the benefits of a social media fast and having done one this past winter, I decided it was time again. I'm glad the election *seems* to be going the way I had hoped (though I am very disappointed with the Democrats senate showing - *yawn* - they need to do better), so I can leave it off without a ton of anxiety. More than anything, I am looking forward to being away from the twitter storm, a storm that I, admittedly, helped create. So, I won't be stirring any chaos there for about a month. In any case, I'm not nearly so nervous to begin the social media fast as I was the first time through, back in February. A little nervous, but not so bad. The world didn't fall apart while I was away and I was able to get a lot of projects done. This time, I have several writing projects to do, at least one more blog post about my 2019 trip to Europe, maybe two more if I have time, an RPG post or two (one for DCC, one for Carcosa), and, yes, a little touch up to do on the Esoteric Denim.

Furthermore, in an attempt to get my physique to where I really want it to be, I'm going to be doing water fasting each weekend this month. I've got this last eight to ten pounds of fat I need to burn off and it's not coming off easily. Yes, I've lost - good grief - over thirty five pounds since I began seriously watching my weight a few years ago, but I need to bust through the floor and get rid of some of this extra junk. I've been working out regularly and will continue to do so while fasting, so as to build, rather than lose muscle. But on the a good chunk of the weekends, I will be only taking in water. Ketosis, here I come!

One thing that will make it a bit easier this weekend, anyway, is that I am participating in Gameholecon virtually. I'll be playing in 2 DCCRPG games, 1 AD&D1e game, 2 Call of Cthulhu games, 1 Empire of the Petal Throne game, and a game of Numenera, which I've never played before. I always like to try at least one game I haven't played before, so this year, it's Numenera. I'll see what all the fuss is about. 

Speaking of games, I ran the new Casting the Runes RPG on Halloween day for some good friends (who I know are not infected). The scenario I prepared was loosely based on the story "The Tractate Middoth" by M.R. James, but with a twisted folk-horror ending in which players needed to make some tough moral (or immoral, as the case may be) decisions. I love pinning players in a corner where their characters have to make a difficult decision and they need to justify that decision. This one ended up with the human sacrifice of an innocent victim (though the innocent victim was quite a jerk) to bring another person back to life. Always fun to see the players squirm a bit as they discuss the pros and cons. That's what makes a true horror game, huh?

It will be weird, not being on twitter, instagram, or facebook for the month. Again, I'm not counting Goodreads as social media, though it technically is. There's something qualitatively different about the conversations that I have there. Facebook is not quite dead to me, but its comatose. Twitter I will be "cleansing" and continue to be careful about who I follow. Instagram . . . it's alright. But I'm really starting to lean into blogs again. If I thought I could get enough followers here, I'd just blog and roam around other people's blogs, but it's a bit like walking around a metropolis that's been hit by a little tornado. Yes, there's a lot of activity, but when you turn the corner and see some of the ruins and bodies . . . *shudder*. But maybe we can make a go of it, I dunno.

PS: Thought I'd change the theme here - because: because.

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